Why Pegboard Mounting Kits.com?

Why Pegboard Mounting Kits.com?

When I got ready to mount a pegboard sheet in my new garage, I looked at the options for mounting it. The old tried and true method of using wooden slats or 1×2’s did not appeal to me because it uses up all the holes around the edges and many through the center. It also doesn’t support in the center very well, so I kept looking.

I found a number of available options online, but most did not have great reviews. Some only came with six, 12 or 15 sets, not enough to secure a 4×8 sheet, and others had no instructions. There were also weak looking spacers that were just pieces of bent metal. Frankly, they didn’t look very stable, and maybe not even large enough.

So, I kept on looking…

But you know what? I didn’t find anything that solved all the complaints I had read about these kits. So, being a “fixer” I set out to make a kit that just works, is easy to use, and can be done without requiring two people to do the job. The result is the Pegboard Mounting Kit by CP3, Inc.

I am confident that you will find these kits to be the best kits available on the market and as easy to use as they are to buy. My goal is to make the task of hanging pegboard one of the easiest tasks you’ll do around your house, garage, store, or retail operation.

Carl Powell, President
CP3, Inc. – Huntsville, AL

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